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FMI Transportation provides Cross-Docking services.

Spokane, WA | North Idaho | Western Montana Regions

If your delivery appointment is a day or is pushed out a week, we can help! Call us see what we will do to help.

We have a storage facility under video surveillance and has people on site 24 hours a day. We can protect and securely watch your cargo until it is needed to be delivered.

Our Process:
You call and request a cross-docking appointment
The carrier brings the cargo that needs to be stored or cross-docked at the scheduled time
We will promptly unload the cargo, typical unload time is 1-2 hours (No Lumper Fee)
At that point the carrier is free to go and make money!
We will store the cargo until the pre-determined delivery appointment
At that time we will cross-dock the cargo and load it onto one of our dry vans
Our driver will head out to the final destination and deliver the cargo that was cross-docked

We do this all for a minimal cross-docking fee and storage fee

We will deliver to anywhere within a 100 mile radius for the same fee, distances greater than 100 miles will incur additional charges. Call now to see how we can help you! The next time your truck missed their initial appointment or got into town early, don't have your truck remain idle not making any money. Get the truck going by having its cargo cross-docked and delivered by us. Call Chris in Post Falls at (208) 773-3236

9456 N. McGuire Post Falls, ID 83854